About Christian Duncan

I started my career in 1994, focusing on disability income. Even in those days, many businesses and individuals were concerned with and sought help with medical insurance. To meet this demand, I chose to work in the medical insurance market. Using my analytical nature, I dedicated countless hours trying to find the best strategies
for my clients to have the best value in their medical plan.

I strive to deliver an unparalleled level of customer service. When one of my customers has a question or problem with their medical plan, I ask them to contract me, not the insurance carrier. First, I understand how frustrating of an experience it can be when calling an insurance company. Secondly, I believe I am going to be a better advocate for my client than the carrier.

I also offer my services to my clients as they go through a large claims cycle (such as a surgery) so that I can verify the carrier does what it is supposed to do. Identifying issues ensures that my clients do not pay any more than they are supposed to pay for the care they received. Most individuals really don’t have the time to properly verify that their charges are being properly processed by the carrier. While this can be time-consuming, it is a task I enjoy.

Should it become necessary to appeal a claim denial, I welcome the challenge. Over my career I have appealed several claim denials and have been quite successful in getting denials overturned.

Throughout the years, it was important to me that I be educated on my industry. I have
earned 4 designations:

     Registered Health Underwriter®
     Registered Employee Benefits Consultant®
     Chartered Healthcare Consultant®
     Certified Self-Funded Specialist

Each of these designations is achieved through a series of individual courses and have given me tremendous knowledge to better meet the needs of my customers.